Síntese – GMC is an open chamber music group, aimed at the creation of new music. Since its beginning it has commissioned and premiered more than forty works by Portuguese composers from different generations and aesthetic views. It has been organizing the festivalSíntese – Ciclo de Música Contemporânea da Guarda” since its first edition in 2006. In the fifteen editions of the festival that took place since then, the festival has invited relevant names from both the Portuguese and the international contemporary music scene and has promoted activities both pedagogical and of promotion of contemporary music in the social milieu where the group has its roots. Works by composers Sérgio Azevedo, António Pinho Vargas, Pedro Amaral, João Pedro Oliveira, Eduardo Patriarca, Christopher Bochmann, Amílcar Vasques Dias, José Carlos Sousa, Hugo Vasco Reis, Paulo Vaz de Carvalho, Anne Victorino de Almeida, Fernando Lapa, José Carlos Sousa, António Chagas Rosa, Vasco Mendonça, Sara Carvalho, Nuno Côrte-Real, Cândido Lima, Ângela da Ponte, César Viana, among others, have been commissioned and premiered. Síntese has also premiered works by composers from other countries, beginning with “Itinerario” by Spanish composer Jesús Torres. Some of these works have been recorded in the group’s two CD’s: “2010”, with works by C. Bochmann, A. Vasques Dias, J. Carlos Sousa and E. Patriarca (2010), and “Poiesis”, with works by A. Chagas Rosa, C. Bochmann, A. Pinho Vargas and F. Lapa (2019). Síntese has also collaborated in the edition of recordings of contemporary music, like Viola Solo e Electrónica – Música de Compositores portugueses”, by João Pedro Delgado (2015) and “Shout” by Carlos Canhoto (2016). The group is also taking this music to be known abroad.

In 2022 Síntese paid tribute to the Portuguese writer and Nobel Prize José Saramago (1922-2010), for his 100th birthday.


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