Síntese – Grupo de Música Contemporânea (Contemporary Music Group) is a creative environment where musicians interact with composers.

Its repertoire includes the classical references of contemporary music but explores new sounds, encouraging composers to create new music, assigning new voices to traditional sonorities.

It is an open and modular chamber music group: from the solo instrument to the small and unorthodox chamber orchestra, all the options are available (even electronics).

Síntese – GMC had its inaugural boost in 2006, when the first edition of Síntese – Contemporary Music Cycle of Guarda took place, having co-organized, since then, with the Municipal Theatre of Guarda, six new editions of this cycle.

In these cycles works of composers Christopher Bochmann, Pedro Amaral, Sérgio Azevedo, António Chagas Rosa, Eduardo Patriarca,  Helder Gonçalves, José Carlos Sousa and Amilcar Vasques Dias, among others,  were premiered.

Síntese – GMC has its headquarters at the city of Guarda.

Síntese-GMC Record Label



Sponsored by:

Município da Guarda

Município da Guarda



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